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At Top Performance Strength our mission is to influence and impact the careers of each of our athletes and help them achieve their highest level of potential. Where are you currently in your athletic development? Where do you want to be? Our goal at TPS is to develop a roadmap for our athletes to achieve their end destination. This is accomplished through a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that addresses all of the physical components and athletic qualities athletes need to be successful. We effectively bridge the gap between performance, recovery, and health so our athletes can achieve their highest athletic potential and sustain a long- term successful playing career.

Wauconda Location coming soon: 1000 Rand Road Unit 103


Personal Trainers/ Massage Therapists
Category: Sports and Recreation
I'm looking to hire personal trainers or massage therapists who would like to sublease space and build their own business. For further details and opportunities, please contact me directly at [email protected] or call 847-542-5213.

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