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Here, at 1-2-3 Skinny Tea, we’re all about being happy and healthy. We inspire to make small changes in your lifestyle to see much bigger and beneficial results. We want to share with you the keys to feeling great and looking gorgeous.
That is why the 1-2-3 Skinny Tea Detox Program is about more than just Tea. It is about those significant small changes we mentioned not only in your fluid intake but also in your diet and exercise routine, and to assist you with cleansing and to detoxify your whole body.
Feeling great equals taking care of yourself from the inside out.
With that in mind, we created 1-2-3 Skinny Tea Detox Program to combine the following:
dietary modifications to more clean eating and increase in plant-based whole foods
exercise plan to help you with weight loss, detoxification, and increasing energy levels
the motivation for you to increase intake of water, herbal teas, and other fluids like infused water to hydrate, flush the toxins, provide antioxidant support and improve your energy
Once you incorporate all of what we offer, this program will: reduce your bloating, boost your energy, support your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, decrease your water retention, cleanse and detoxify the majority of your organs. Also, it will relieve constipation and improve your sleep.
By the end of this program, you’re going to feel and look amazing!
Head to to start your transformation today!


28 Day 2-step Organic Detox Program
Skinny "B" - 100% Organic Slimming Herbal Tea Blend
Vitamin C Shot - 100% Organic Herbal Blend to help You fight cold & flu.
14 Day 2-step Organic Detox Program
Immuni "T" - Herbal Tea Blend - perfect for Fall to boost your immune system.
Migraine Free - Organic blend for all migraine sufferers.
OM - Herbal blend for the Yoga lover inside you ;)

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